Classic Meltdown

Ooey gooey original melty goodness - get Sharp White Cheddar, Wisconsin Provolone and American cheese on grilled artisan bread.

Feelin' Groovy Melt

Get your groove on with seasoned grilled chicken breast, bacon, mushrooms, Wisconsin Provolone, spinach and mayo on grilled artisan bread.

hot mess melt

Hot Mess Melt

Go big or go home with tender slow-roasted beef, caramelized onions and sharp white Cheddar on grilled artisan bread.

Talkin' Turkey Melt

We're talkin' turkey, bacon, tomatoes, Provolone cheese and sun-dried tomato mayo on grilled artisan bread.

Giddy Up Melt

Chow down with slow-smoked brisket burnt ends, sharp white Cheddar, creamy BBQ sauce and pickles on grilled artisan bread.

Rise N Spice melt

Rise N' Spice Melt

Chorizo, Cheddar cheese, tortilla chips all scrambled with eggs and topped with American cheese, Pico de Gallo and Mayo. All of this goodness on grilled artisan bread.

Hittin' Snooze Melt

Sausage, bacon, ham, scrambled eggs and American cheese on potato bread with a maple spiced spread. Breakfast is ready whenever you are!

Breakfast N' Bread Melt

Bacon, eggs*, American and Swiss cheeses and mayo on grilled artisan bread. All the breakfast essentials together in one melt.

Hot N' Spicy Melt

Golden-fried chicken breast tossed in Nashville Hot sauce with melted Swiss cheese, tomato, pickles, and mayo on grilled Texas toast. You can't take the hot n spicy out of Nashville.